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Of all toolbars which you should have for an easier handling of video and audio capture on the Web, this is the one to choose. Not only does it provide rapid download handling of FLV files on the YouTube site, its Record Audio Tool records anything heard from your PC. It can be installed both in Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers with ease. When you open the YouTube site at a page featuring the video you wish to download, pressing the “YouTube” button will result in running an applet which prompts you about its format and size. Both the FLV or MP4 formats as stored by YouTube are available. You can download any video file with just two clicks.

The Record Audio Tool comes next on the toolbar, and, once invoked, it will record any sound heard through your PCs speakers into an MP3 file. The recording will only start once a sound is detected, and stop when there is silence; each start-stop cycle will create a separate MP3 file. This can be a problem if recording high quality speech with many silent passages as this will result in many separate time-stamped MP3 files which must be joined together by an audio processing tool to merge them together again.

The convert file option supports the conversion of downloaded video and audio files from the existing source format to practically any other popular format. Conversion to iPhone/iPod or other portable device is also selectable. It even supports the conversion of FLV videos into mp4 or WMVso that further editing can be supported on these files.

There is a TV channel button which provides a pop-down list of countries and individual news and sports channels. Finally, a toolbar based radio is included. This can be used to select a given radio station for play through the PCs loudspeakers. All these applications are readily accessible via a single line toolbar within your selected browser. So, if you are looking for easy access to any of these features, then this is the toolbar for you.

F Mark Restorick
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  • Easy to install with no configuration required for basic function set
  • Can record any audio that comes through the speakers
  • Installs as a toolbar in Internet Explorer, Firefox and their derivatives
  • In-built audio and video converter for downloaded files, including FLV files
  • Provides visual confirmation that recording has started


  • Recorder can break audio stream into separate files if silence periods exist
  • Functions only available within toolbar of a browser
  • Cannot record streamed video, only audio
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